Manage Resumes

'Manage Resumes' allows you to view and edit all resumes associated with your account.  Click on the 'Manage Resumes' link under the 'Resumes and Cover Letters' tab to view a list of all your resumes.

If you have resumes that have not been updated recently, a message will display identifying the name of the resume and the date the resume was last updated.  This message will help remind you to keep your resumes fresh.



Click on the Resume Title to view the resume and make modifications.  You can also click make modifications to your resume by clicking on the 'Edit' icon .

Click on the 'Refresh Date' icon  to easily update the 'Last Updated' date to reflect today's date.  Employers frequently search for recently updated resumes, so use this tool to keep your resume's 'Last Updated' date current.

Use the 'Copy' icon  to create another resume identical to the original.  This feature is useful if you want to make minor changes to a resume you already have but you still want to keep the original version. 

To delete a resume from your account, click on the 'Delete' icon .

On your 'Manage Resumes' home page, you can view the privacy setting set for each resume, see how many employers have viewed each resume and see how many jobs you have applied to with each resume.  If your employer views are greater than zero, you will see a 'Reset Views' link below the 'Last Updated' date for that specific resume.  If you click on the 'Reset Views' link, the employer views will be reset back to zero so you can monitor the resume activity for a specific period of time.

If you click on the 'Jobs Applied To:' link, you will be directed to the 'Apply History' page.  For more details on your apply history, see the Apply History section.

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